Professional fortune tellers in London

Durga Devi Astrology Centre offers a wide variety of astrological services, including fortune telling. Call me today on 07438 326 886  to find out more.

Astrological services offered at Durga Devi Astrology Centre:

Have you tried to reflect on your future? Durga Devi Astrology Centre is the place to go for a different approach. Find potential solutions associated with various life issues that we all face.
Whether you are looking to improve your love life or you wish to exceed in your business ventures, book an appointment with me today.
  • Black Magic Removal

    Want to know whether you are affected by black magic or some bad energies.

  • Get Your Lover Back

    Are you feeling depressed and lonely due to unrequited love? We have the right solution to find your way into your lover’s heart.

  • Financial Business Problem.

    Financial solvency has become the success meter on which a person’s capability and acumen are measured.

  • Health Issues Problem

    Nervous breakdown, blood circulation shut down, allergies or chronic disorders can be assuaged with the help of our superior health Astro team.

  • Marriage Problems

    Are marriage problems making your everyday living a challenge? We are the experts scrutinize your horoscope thoroughly and provide a full-fledged solution to mitigate all your problems.

  • Property Problems

    You have invested your lifetime investment in a property, a bungalow or a penthouse, a farmhouse or a humble cottage.

  • Astrology and Horoscope Reading

    Durga Devi Astrologer read the horoscope of an individual and calculate the various ups and downs in his life.

  • Divorce Problems

    The divorce had become a normal affair among the married couple.  Regardless of how long the couples are married.

improve your business astrology

Could you improve your business?

Do you have concerns about your job? Are you no longer motivated or productive?
Visit Durga Devi Astrology Centre located in The Stratford Centre in London. I have years of knowledge and could help you to process these issues by being open to new channels.
By attending my session, I will help you to you understand how positive thinking and learning from the past will serve you greatly in the shaping of your future. 
Love and relationship astrology

Your family love and relationships!

Still waiting to be struck by cupid’s arrow?
Are you still looking for someone special to share your life with? If you’re feeling like you’d benefit from some astrological help I can share love spells and remedies to help build your love life.
You can also consult me for fortune telling, palm reading and numerological remedies. Book an appointment today and let me help you!